07′ CRF250R Engine Rebuild – Bottom End

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Year, Make, Models Covered

In this video & blog post, the 2007 Honda CRF250R is covered. However, it also covers 2004-2013 CRF250R & CRF250X models.


Service manual

Here are links to service manuals you can download in pdf format:

Click here for the 2004-2009 CRF250R service manual.

Click here for the 2010-2013 CRF250R service manual.

Click here for the 2004-2013 CRF250X service manual.



This CRF stalled going into a corner and was difficult to restart. After limping it back to the pits, it failed to restart and engine became seized. The oil filter was removed and full of metal shavings gold in color. The picture below shows all the shavings in the filter and on my hand. The large end of rod & crank pin is where the failure occurred. The cases have to be split and a new crank assembly will have to be installed.

CRF250R brass gold shavings oil filter crank bearing


Work area prep

This job will require a clean and large work area. Clean your workbench of other projects, and organize your workspace, it will save you time and frustration in the long run. Make sure to thoroughly clean your CRF before disassembly, you don’t want debris falling into your fresh engine! Print the appropriate sections from the service manual, and head over to Rocky Mountain ATV and print the part diagrams. The part diagrams give you a nice exploded view which is helpful for reassembly. Also, I like to highlight what parts need replacing during disassembly, that way you are less likely to forget to order that one part! Another tip: take pictures or video as you disassemble, it will help if you hit a roadblock during reassembly. I referred to my own video for the reassembly process numerous times.



Aside from basic hand tools, you will need a flywheel puller and clutch holder tool. You will not need a case splitter, you can simply tap the case halves with a rubber mallet to split them.

Motion Pro 08-0257 24mm Flywheel Puller M24 X 1.5 R.H.

Motion Pro 08-0008 Clutch Holding Tool

Motion Pro 08-0427 Gear Jammer Tool (not shown in video, however would have helped!)

BOA BO13010 Constrictor Aluminum Strap Wrench (also not shown in video, helpful if not using air tools to hold flywheel)

Autozone OEM PN 27119 Bearing & Race Installer (Free rental)


So how long did it take?

It took me roughly 12 hours to complete the job. Plan on spending 2 hours to pull the motor out of the frame.  My camera batteries died on me while pulling the motor, so the video really focuses on the motor only.


Aftermarket parts

OEM parts were used when this engine was rebuilt, however you can save some money by going with an aftermarket crank kit or cylinder/piston kit from Amazon.

OEM parts cost

OEM parts were used and purchased from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Here is a list that includes PN and cost:


Bearing, Special Roller



Bearing, Radial Ball (30 X72 X16)



Oil Seal (38 X52 X7) (Arai)



Oil Seal (39 X56 X7.5) (Arai)



Oil Seal (20 X33 X5) (Arai)






Ring Set, Piston (Std)






Pin, Piston



Clip, Piston Pin (16 Mm) x 2



Gasket Sheet Kit B



Gasket Sheet Kit A



Parts Grand Total: $488.94



Valve shims – Where to buy individual?

You can purchase individual shims (7.48mm) from Rocky MTN here.


One Lap At Moto Byron

UPDATE: I was able to take this bike for a lap after 15hrs have been put on the engine. Runs great!


Add Your Comments

If this info has helped you get your CRF get running again, or have any questions, please comment below.


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  • brandon

    Thanks VERY much for posting the service manual!

    • Matthew

      No problem, Brandon!

  • Drew

    Thanks for posting all this information! I bought a 2007 crf250r with a blown engine and completely rebuilt it using this info. All in all I got a crf with a fresh engine all for a pretty good price!!

    • Matthew

      Awesome! Now go have some fun with it. I was actually riding this bike on Sunday, I ride faster on it than my KX250!

  • rick

    Thanks very much for sharing your resources and taking the time to post such a useful set of videos.

    • Matthew

      Rick, your welcome!

  • chris boyd

    Just got an 05 Honda …the engine was rebuilt but was rebuilt poorly …. Looked for some info on this bike and found your YouTube vids and the manuals ….Just want to say thanks man !!!! Not afraid to twist wrenches and I like to know specifics before I start a project … Your info helped hugely …again thanks for posting man !!!!

    • Matthew

      Glad all this info helped. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Landon P

    Hey thank you for the great video. I went on to Cheap Cycle Parts to find the exploded diagrams of the engine for my 2004 crf250r but was wondering what the difference is between CRF250R A (4M000001-) and CRF250R A/A (4K050001-) Thanks

    • Matthew

      Those numbers relate to your VIN #, apparently they must have changes some PN’s in the middle of a production run. You can compare both and verify if the same PN’s are called out for the parts you need. Hope this helps.

  • John Dixon

    Hej Matthew, what a great guy you are. Max my 14 year old son bought a 05 model with a completely stripped engine, (with my guidence). We now begin the rebuild. He will learn heaps and a great process for us to do together (not the first time). Thanks so much. Kiwi boys down under in New Zealand.

    • Matthew

      John, that is great! Hope the project goes well. Let me know if you have any questions!

    • aaron pierce

      Hey John, You wouldn’t happen to be from Mount Vernon Washington would you?

      • Matthew

        My name is Matt and live outside Chicago.

  • aaron pierce

    WOW! Thank you so much. I bought a 06 crf250 that had a blown motor (just like your video) Brass in the oil filter. The kid had so much money into this bike, and it was pushing 40 HP. I bought it for 1000 and was going to part it out, but now Im thinking, this old farm boy can put 500 dollars into it and have a very nice bike to ride with my yz450!!!

    • Matthew

      Nice! Definitely tear it down and see what it needs. Hopefully the cylinder is in good shape.

      • aaron pierce

        As I inspect the left and right cases. I see the oil pump housing has been pretty scarred on both left and right case. Enough to catch your fingernail on .. I think It will really effect the oil pressure. So both cases need to be replaced on my build.. bummer, there goes my savings on doing it myself. But on a good note, tranny,cylinder, and head look look great.

        • Matthew

          Aaron, send me an email with some pics of the damage. Maybe they are salvageable.

  • Hello I was wondering if you would know why the left crankcase cover on my 2008 Honda crf250r has little specks of missing metal? I dont think it is from rock chips because I have not seen any other crf250r that has the damage. Could it be heating up too much?

    • Matthew

      Landon, send me a pic of your crankcase cover to better answer your question.

  • josh

    Help! My name’s josh just had my 08crf rebuilt top an bottom. I got it seized for $1000 and got an extra motor seized with it ,I found that the extra motor was original. But the cases where gone ,so I rebuilt the one in it. Thinking it’s 04_07 motor. I just payed $500 for the valves to be done , it all runs great except when I put in gear an let clutch out I get some go, but a lot of r.p.m.I bought new clutch kit. Same result, changed basket off the 08 it looked New no or very little wear.and got same result what else could it be? Please help!

    • Matthew

      Josh, can you explain your problem in more detail? It takes a lot of throttle/RPM to get the bike to move?

  • josh129

    Hey thanks for responding so quickly.so like I said the top and bottom were rebuilt we used hot rods crank oem piston New seals and bearing. Put the clutch basket pressure plate etc. from the 08 motor to the rebuilt one prob 04-07. Starts first kick and sounds good but the clutch is awful. When let it out u don’t get any grab til levers almost out at best if I adjust it, it won’t go at all.when I do get goin prob only 15 to 20 max. New clutch plates fibers springs same thing. Switch out any clutch components I could to find a solution. Clutch shaft everything what else can this be??

    • Matthew

      Josh, download the service manual and take a look at page 11-2. The clutch pack has changed after 07′ with the addition of 2 spring plates that go in forst. Also, go to an online fiche finder to see if other parts have the same PN as your year.

  • Dennis

    Thanks, now i know how to remove the flywheel, i dont think there is one single video on youtube that shows how to remove it on the CRF, but now i know how it works! cheers!

    Three questions!

    Do i have to remove the flywheel to change the cam chain?
    And how do i check the cam chain are in good condition?
    If second question is hard to answer: how often do you recommend to change it? ive heard things like every piston change..

    • Matthew

      Yes, you have to remove flywheel to remove chain.

      I don’t know how to check the chain. Sometimes the service manual states to measure “X” amount of links to measure stretch. I did not see it in this manual.

      Change it with every top end. They are $20-30, pretty inexpensive to just go ahead and change it IMHO. Also check tensioners for wear.

      A worn chain will not allow timing marks to line up properly and also retard cam.

  • ally

    Hey I have a crf 250 2006 model going to a shop to get rebuilt and I have the crank piston oil pump gasket kit everything is mint just need a rough idea how long a full bottom end and top end rebuild takes last time I was 1800 so most stuff has no wear atoll?? any idea on price many thanks ally

    • Matthew


      The motor rebuilt in the video took me about 8-12hrs to rebuild IIRC.

      I can’t speak for how much the shop is going to charge you, especially since you live in a different country. They should be able to give you a ball park before you even bring your bike in.

  • Stephen Morrin

    Hi, thanks for your very informative video. I was just wondering if the engine and gearbox oil mix in these engines? I am looking at using one of these engines for a different application and I would like to use the engine only so I may have to invent a coupler to bolt directly to the flywheel. If possible I could then remove the gear clusters.

    Would this be possible do you think?

    • Matthew


      The engine and gearbox oil do not mix.

      If you are going to frankenstein this motor, you will have to use the RH side crank output. The LH side cover has all kinds oil passages that actually uses the crankshaft to flow oil.

      May I ask what you are building?

      • Stephen Morrin

        Thanks very much for your reply. I am looking to use the engine to drive an electrical generator and using the heat from the cooling system to heat a small building. What components are behind the RH crank cover? With the fact the the oil systems are separate would it be possible to remove the internals from the gearbox and just keep the casing do you think?

        Thanks again,


        • Matthew


          I think it would be cheaper short term and long term to select a briggs and stratton type motor for this application. The CRF motor is a race motor that requires quite a bit of maintenance. For example, do you want to adjust valves every 6-10hrs or replace top end every 20hrs?

          • Stephen Morrin

            For the system I am designing the engine would only need to run at 1500rpm, not at top end so I figured that rebuild time could be extended considerably as a result. I’ll check and see what water-cooled B&S type engines there are though. Thanks for the info

          • Matthew

            If you do use the CRF engine, I would use a higher RPM, since these motors do not lug well that low.

            The specified idle RPM for these motors is 1700-1900.

  • Andrew

    Hello, there is a 08 Crf250r for sale. $1000 the bottom end is bad it is locked up. The owner has 2 good cranks to go with it about 40 hours on them both. It has a fresh top end and new valves.The tires are good and everything else is good. is this bike a good deal for the work ill have to do to it and Money i will put into it? Thanks, Andrew

    • Matthew


      Keep in mind that if the crank blows it can damage the top end. Also, do your research on what a good used bike sells for (maybe around $2500 or so). Lastly, what is 8-12hr of your time worth? Hope this helps.

  • Andrew

    Will 2008 cases work on a 2007

    • Matthew


      I searched on the parts finder and cases & gaskets have different part numbers for those 2 years. So no, I don’t think it will work.

  • Eric

    Hey Matt I’ve watch your rebuild twice and it has amazing attention to detail. You used only oem parts. My 07 seized on a trail ride and I am planning on doing the rebuild using a wiseco kit. What are your thought on the brand? Also my bike was able to be freed while rocking the bike in gear but still found shaving in my oil. Am I still into a full rebuild?

    • Matthew

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the compliments! I really appreciate it.

      I always try to use OEM parts whenever possible. I realize aftermarket can save on cost. I personally don’t have any experience with aftermarket kits for this model. You can try googling “wiseco vs hotrod” for tons of info on the subject.

      If you found shavings, it’s time for a new crank. Do not run the engine any longer, more damage will result if it locks up, especially at higher RPM.

      Good luck with the rebuild and let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Craig

    hi Matthew

    I have an 06 crf250r and need some help figuring out what I need to do to get it up and going again but any how this is what happened somehow the air filter had been taken off without my knowledge and came back from a vacation and went for a ride. a few miles down the dirt road I notice somethings not right. look behind me and all I seen was white smoke I shut the bike off and pushed it back home. cant get it to start now and I can push the kick starter down with only two fingers. im thinking its going to need a complete break down and rebuilt from the bottom up but im not shur iv never rebuilt any kind of motor before. so if u can I need some advice on what to do thx

  • Beau

    Hey mate so I was riding my crf250 2007 today, just came back from honda after getting the valves done, it went there full of oil, so I didn’t even think about checking it. Anyways i was humming along today then it stop back wheel locks up kick start won’t move so I left it what should I do and does it need a rebuild or what just so many question running through my head

    • Beau

      Checked the oil and there was none in there so what happened what should I do

    • Matthew


      If the motor locked up due to lack of oil, then the engine has to come apart. These videos and post should help you out.

  • Will Johnson

    Hi matt. Great vids mate. Im not mechanically minded but am going to try fix my bike using some of your advice. Firstly is there alot of difference in setup between a 250 & 450. Ive bought a second hand ’06 CRF 450. The guy I bought it off said it had just had a top end rebuild but was missing the decom plunger, decom shaft & cam sprocket. Is this to tough a job to do for an amateur? I have the manual but it doesn’t have much in regards to this topic. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Will Johnson

    Cheers for the response mate.
    Do u think I will be able to takr the kick start off and go through the clutch or will I have to take the engine out and go from there?

    • Matthew

      Will, everything you mentioned can be accessed by removing the valve cover. The engine can stay in frame.

  • Nichole

    I cannot get the repair manual to download.
    Any ideas? Thanks

    • Matthew


      Have you tried right clicking the link and selecting “save as”?

  • Jeremy

    Within the next week I will be begin the same exact process with the same bike as your videos. I am thankful for the videos you have posted. Hopefully they will minimize my issues.

    Should there be much of a difference if I go with a wiseco complete top and bottom end kit instead of OEM parts?
    I feel the need to stay away from the OEM crank being as it failed after 20-30 hours.

    • Matthew

      Hey Jeremy,

      I can’t comment on aftermarket parts and their quality. We used OEM since the parts guy in town hooks us up.

      Good luck and feel free to ask any questions.

  • Shane

    Hey man, So I’ve gone through these videos and done a complete rebuild on a 07 crf250r with the same exact failure. I got everything put back together and tried firing it up and the motor felt as if it was lacking compression and all I got was a backfire. After checking the timing again and looking at there videos I became aware that there is a timing mark on the flywheel as well, going back and checking I have discovered that the flywheel marking and the marks on the right side are not exactly in line…..
    With that being said and from all I can think of….I am assuming that the gear that lines up on the right side of the case must be out of line. From my understanding the flywheel can only go one way therefore the other side is wrong….

    Any insight will be greatly appreciated, I’d like to know more before I start tearing it down again.

    • Matthew


      The timing marks on right side are to time the balancer. Cam timing is all done on left side of motor, with flywheel and cam sprocket marks.

      Double check all timing and report back.

      • Shane

        can i have my cam 180 off.

  • Shane

    Okay I’ve gone over my cam again and believe it is right, It is lining up with the 2 flywheel marks correctly.

    If Im understanding correctly then if those 2 are lined up then the ting should be correct?

    The mark on the right side of the motor is just a hair off from matching the left side, is that something I need to worry about?

    I was very slow and meticulous when assembling the motor so I don’t feel as if I put the on the right side a tooth off, but us that a possibility here?

    I’m just trying to cover everything before I button it up again and attempt starting it.

    • Matthew


      Yes it can be a hair off, about half a tooth max. Afterall, you can adjust a half a tooth out.

      If you double checked all your timing, make sure the decompression mechanism is OK and then try firing it up.

  • Shane

    Alright, I have made sure I am at TDC on the compression strokeand all the timing marks are lined up. I tried starting again and still nothing. I checked the valves last night, this is my first time with valves, my exhaust sides are approximately at .009 and the left intake at .003 and right intake at .000
    Is it safe to say that’s why Im not starting?
    If the intake is not closing all the way would that cause me to not have as much compression as I should?

    • Matthew

      Since you are at zero clearance, who knows how far open the valve is. Buy the proper shims, get it in spec, and try to fire it up.

      And yes, an open intake valve will not allow engine to build as much compression.

  • Tyler

    Having trouble loading the service manual for the crf250r. But I would like it. Can you help me out?

    • Matthew


      Try right clicking and selecting “save as”.

  • William

    Thanks for the video. I had two questions:

    1) Would I be able to use this video to fix a CRF450r?
    2) Do I need any special tools? (other than screw drivers, wrenches, socket set)

    Thanks for the help.

  • Hi Mathew, my crf250x had shavings from the stator (alternator), would this require a whole new rebuild do you think, or just clean up and replace with new stator? Thanks.

    • Matthew

      Alex, I would like to see some pictures of the shavings you mentioned. I sent you an email, please send some pictures.

  • Andrew 114

    Can you replace valve seats twice my head had new seats put in it with over sized valves well when the head was being rebuilt the shop ordered factory size valves and tried cutting to seats to work and ruined them and now saying I need new ones but was told if you replace valve seats more than once they will fall out just trying to get some insight

    • Matthew


      I don’t see why you can’t replace the valve seats. Maybe they meant that they can’t be cut again and you have to replace them?

  • Andrew 114

    They said they don’t like changing seats more than once bc they are pressed in and have a chance falling out

    • Matthew

      Andrew, I can’t provide any more insight. I don’t do any machine work so I can’t answer your question. Maybe call around and get a second opinion.

  • Brandon

    Great site, and I appreciate the videos and information you’ve provided.

    Quick question:

    The chain came off my 07 CRF250R and knocked a small hole in the left side crank case. Obviously, I’ll be replacing the case. Should I replace all the bearings and oil seals, as you did, or should I keep the originals; provided I see no obvious signs they need replacing?

    I do plan on replacing the piston and rings. Any other suggestions?

    I’ll be buying your video also. I saw it on youtube before you were charging for it, and it inspired me to do the job myself.

    • Matthew


      Thanks for the compliments!

      How many hours do you have on this bike? Has the crank ever been replaced?

      I would replace all oil seals, crank, piston & rings, cam chain, and any bearings that fail inspection.

      Crank failure is very common on this model, so just replace it as preventative maintenance.

      • Brandon

        Not many hours, probably around 20-25.

        I plan on selling the bike. I just wanted to get it running good. I can handle throwing in some new bearings and seals for preventative maintenance but not sure I want to dish out 300 for a crankshaft.

        Thanks for the info Matt!

        • Matthew

          I understand. While apart, if you find any shavings, make the call then.

  • Grant Fordham

    Hello, I just bought the video and was wondering if there was a way I could download it so I would not have to stream it every time.

    • Grant, it is only available in streaming only.

      • Grant Fordham

        Is there anyway you could make a downloadable version? I don’t have ulimited Internet and streaming hd kills my usage.

        • The file is 3.1GB. It is compressed to use less data when streaming. Regardless, it will burn up data either way.

          • Grant Fordham

            I understand I can go somewhere to download and keep it stored for later use to use no data

  • Dominic Busher

    Are the vids $20+ meaning you get all 4 videos for $20.00 + tax? Thx

    • Yes. All 4 vids which totals 3hrs in length. Tax only if you live in Illinois.

  • Robert Fowler

    I have the same year crf250 and similar symptoms with the shavings being brass colored however my bike didn’t lock up but is very hard to kick over(obviously I’m not running or attempting to start it lol) every shop I have called for advice tells me I will need new valves and guides however I have purchased your video and whatched it twice all the way threw and didn’t notice you doing anything other then re adjusting them. Can you explain when it might be nessacary to replace the vavles and or guides?

    • Robert,

      Good question!

      The reason the valves were not covered in this video is due to the fact that it only had 20hrs before locking up. The valvetrain was not damaged at all.

      You’ll get varied responses on when to changes valves on a per hour basis. Some say 40, some say 60 etc. It also depends how often you clean the air filter, if you keep valves in spec, how hard you ride it, keep it off the rev limiter, etc. These all are factors for valve life.

      Here are a few things to check to see if you need a valve job.

      1. Compression check. Manual states 57 psi. If you get something lower move on to #2.

      2. After low compression reading, you should do a leak down test to see where the leakage occurs. Here is a post on leak down:
      You should have 5% for a healthy motor.

      3. If you have the valves disassembled, you can check the the valve seat width as described in the service manual on page 9-21.

      Hope that helps!

  • Lee Scott

    Hi I’m from England how much are the vids in uk currency and do you get the service manual included as I’ve recently discovered that my 2009 purchased last year has had some welding done in one of the intake valve chambers now the valves are damaged so I have purchased a complete second hand cylinder head and am keen to get stuck in and change it over

  • Ben Marshall

    hi hey do you have a rebuild vid for 2011 crf250r

  • Lee scott

    Hi just purchased your video payed $30.00 total when I tried to watch says that page doesn’t exist can you send me another link please I’ve payed through pay pal so I know it’s legitimate thanks

    • Lee, click the “watch” button in the email that you receive after purchase. Also, what device are you using to view the video? If I can’t help you resolve this, we can contact tech support to assist you. Thanks, Matt

  • Lee Scott

    Hi thanks for your quick response the video is working fine now and is of good quality and has a really detailed step by step guide on how to strip down and rebuild the engine I will get much use from this thanks again.

    • Awesome! Thanks for the compliments on the video! Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

  • Jason Reynolds

    I’ve just started a similar repair on an 06. I’m putting together a parts list, and wondered about the gasket kit A and B. Will this cover all my gaskets for the whole engine? I can’t find a description or diagram of either.

    • I ordered both A & B gasket kits for this motor. While there is no diagram, the individual parts are listed on any online parts fiche.

  • Jeff Bridges

    It’s really interesting to see the engine repair from the inside out. I’ve never owned a motorcycle before but I would like to one day. I want to make sure that I know how to do most of the maintenance and repairs on it when I get one.


  • Lachlan Cross

    hey mate, interested in buying the video. just wondering if there is any way to get an offer code? cheers!

    • Lachlan, you didn’t give me enough time to respond. Thanks for the purchase! Let me know if you have any questions along the way.


  • Heather

    Hi Matt, crazy question. Does my bike have to be at TDC before I tear into it? I just purchased your video and so far it’s helped me out a lot. I’m just concerned because prior to doing all that work it wasn’t at TDC. I love this bike and I don’t want to screw it up! Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks for the purchase and the extra contribution 🙂 !!!

      It doesn’t have to be at TDC, however it makes it easier to remove valve train since the valve springs won’t be under pressure. Also, it is a good idea to locate TDC before disassembly, since it gives you a chance to get familiar with how everything works.


      • Heather

        Thank you so much for making this video! I couldn’t do this project without it 🙂

        • Thanks for the compliments and the support, Heather! Hope the rebuild is going smoothly.


  • Nick Miller

    Quick question I have a crf250r 2005 took top end aprart and nothing wrong with it and then tried to kick to see if it will move any without the jug in there but it is still locked up what could it be?

    • Nick,

      If bike is in neutral and rear wheel spins freely, then it must be the crank main bearings.

  • Riley Brunner

    Just bought these videos to help me rebuild my 2006 Honda CRF250R, and the video won’t play. What do I do?

  • Angus Baker

    Hey mate, im currently rebuilding my Crf250R, it ceased under very similar circumstances. where i am undertaking the rebuild doesn’t have a connection to the internet or a very limited connection at least. i was wondering if there was a way i could download the video (i have paid for it) so i can watch it while i work on the engine.

    • Angus,

      The files are streaming only, sorry about that.


      • Angus Baker

        thanks Matt. also, when you were taking the engine out of the frame/bike, did you have to take off the swing arm to get the engine out?

        • You don’t need to remove the entire swingarm. Just slide the pivot/axle out far enough to remove engine. Support the weight of wheel with blocks.

  • Jason Delano

    Hi Matthew,

    I am not sure if it is okay with you but I am planning to buy a CRF450R or CRF250R. I never owned one before and this is my first time.

    Im from Philippines and there’s really not much dealer of 2nd hand dirt bike around here. I have checked some prices online but it cost around $4000.00 for yr 2005 models. Do you think it is pricey? I would like to ask also if what to check on the bike if you buy it 2nd hand.

    Thanks for help in advance.

    • Jason,

      Prices vary by region, so I can’t comment on price. Do you have someone knowledgeable that you can bring along to help you inspect the bike?


      • Jason Delano

        Hi Matt,

        Unfortunately I don’t know any person who can help thats why I spend most of the time looking for help or tips in the internet.. 🙁


        • Jason,

          DIY Moto Fix has an excellent used dirt bike guide here: https://diymotofix.leadpages.net/free-used-dirt-bike-buyers-guide/


          • Jason Delano

            Hi Matt, Thank you for the effort to give me the information. It will definitely help me. I just found out that I had a classmate in college that is into dirtbikes too and he said that they have a group in the Philippines.

            Once again thank you very much.



  • Andrew Diller

    Hi Matthew,

    I have an 07 CRF250r that seized this past weekend :(. Here is what happened:

    Basically had the bike at top speed full throttle 5th gear for about 30-45 seconds bike was running great and I began downshifting to circle back and go the other way. I was cruising slowly in second gear and then I heard a click and the bike turned off. I started the bike 1 kick after that no problem. I was cruising slowly in first just taking it easy and the bike made the click sound and cut out again. This time was not able to kick start, engine was completely locked.

    Any thoughts? I’m going to open up the engine this weekend. No clue if it is a top or bottom end issue…

    • First thing I would do is pull the oil filter. I bet you’ll will find shavings like I did. Keep me posted on what you find.

  • DocGonzo

    Great Video!
    I recently purchased a 08 CRF250R with the same fate. gold shavings, seized motor and failed at the connecting rod too. Otherwise very low hour bike. The previous owner did not change the oil/oil filter/ or air filter and ran it a whole year before it seized! (at least he was honest about it). Then it sat in a garage for almost 8 years.
    Does the video include rebuilding the heads or with such low hours would this be likely unnecessary? I did check the valve clearances and were all in spec. I have a kibblewhite SS kit just in case.

    • Richard,

      The video does not include how to disassemble the head. If the valves got damaged, then it is best to send it out for a valve job. If it has low hours, then you can probably run the head as is like I did.


  • Tommy

    Hey I’m looking at buying a 07 crf250r and the bottom end needs rebuilt. What would a fair price be on the bike?

    • Tommy,

      That is really hard to determine w/o seeing some pictures. Shoot me an email with pics and I can help answer your question.

  • Tomas Garcia Oliver

    Hi Matt, I bought these video to help me rebuild my 2011 Honda CRF250R, and the video won’t play. What do I do?

    • Jake Virkus

      I am having this same issue. It’s telling me there are no playable sources.

      • Tomas Garcia Oliver

        That’s exactly the same thing that’s happening to me.

      • I responded to your email, see it that helps. If not, I will get support involved.


    • Tomas,

      I responded to your email, see it that helps. If not, I will get support involved.


  • Josh Smith

    Hey I also purchased the video and says no playable source

  • Ben Williams

    Hi matt awsome video

    I was rebuilding my 2004 crf 250r and when i was putting it all back to gether the crank was moving freely with little to no resistances but when i installed the little plastic gear under the balancing shaft i noticed it needed some amount of force to turn i still countiued through the video and now my crank needs the some amount of force to turn is that normal or should it move quiet freely

    • How much force are we talking here? So the oil pump is tight, not the crank, correct?

      • Ben Williams

        If the oil pump is that little yellow plastic gear yes
        When i take that gear out and the crank and everything else moves freely but with that gear in it all stiffins up like i can still move everything its just takes a little more force i can still do it with one hand though

        • Take the oil pump back apart and measure all clearances per service manual. It should drag, but it should spin with a ton of force. Feel free to send a video.