Byron MX – KX250 & CRF250R – GoPro Hero3+ 10-13-14

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Byron MX  - KX250 & CRF250R - GoPro Hero3+ 10-13-14 2

Remember when I posted a riding video last year and said I would get in shape? Well, that didn’t happen. All that matters is that I was able to get out there and have a good time. I was so sore and had trouble walking all week!

I’l have some more videos on the KX250 coming up soon. Definitely going to replace the top end this winter, so if you want to get notified of those How-To videos, make sure to sign up for my newsletter below.

The last few minutes of the video shows me taking a lap on the 2007 CRF250R I rebuilt a few years ago. Still running strong after 15hrs on the engine.

Byron MX  - KX250 & CRF250R - GoPro Hero3+ 10-13-14 4



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  • TearOff1

    What a sweet KX 250, Matt – sounds brand new. How long (hours) do racers/riders go on CRF 250’s before changing a piston/ring set?

    • Hey Mike,

      Kind of a hard question to answer. If you are thrashing it on a MX track maybe 20-30hrs. Putting around in the woods, maybe 60-80hrs.

      Thanks for the compliments on the KX!

  • Matt Watson

    Matt, Thank you for all the videos you have invested your time in. Thanks to you, I am now in the process of rebuilding my crf250 step by step with your video. You are my go to online mechanic, keep up the good work.
    I am member of yours on Gumroad but have a hard time trying to email you.
    What is an email address that is best to reach you at? Thanks

    • Hey Matt,

      My email is “matthew at howtomotorcyclerepair dot com”. Email me anytime.
      Thanks for the compliments and good luck fixing your crf. I’m here for support if needed.