How-To: Find a FREE Service Manual

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Before you even consider repairing and maintaining your own motorcycle, get access to a service manual! You’ll be amazed on how much time you can save if you read the applicable section on the work you are about to perform beforehand. Also, you will need to know torque values, recommended fluids, maintenance schedule, etc.

Now, you could purchase a Clymer service manual from Amazon, or an OEM factory service manual which will cost way more.  In the video below, I’ll walk you through the process of locating a FREE service manual download. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not download any free service manuals. I prefer to purchase a hard copy. This video is for educational purposes only. Use at your own risk.



Resources used in the video:

  • Go to Google and simply type your “motorcycle model” followed by the words “service manual” (for example: “KLR 600 service manual“). You can also try to narrow search results by adding “filetype:pdf”, which only searches for .pdf format files. Most of the service manuals online will be in this format (for example “KLR 600 service manual filetype:pdf“).
  • If you have no luck from the first method, try searching This website searches Rapidshare and Hotfile, where someone may have uploaded a manual due to large file size. It will include the source and list a password if required.



Other great resources:

  • The following sites have some manuals:

Evan Fell Motorcycle Works

  •  You can also ask on forums pertaining to your model. Members are usually more than happy to help. Chances are the question “Does anyone have a service manual for……” has already been asked. To find a forum, type in “forum: motorcycle model” into google (for example: “forum: klr650”).
  •  Check your local library. I was amazed to find some manuals here!  Your library might have a website and online catalog. Check out


If all else fails…

If you can’t find the manual for FREE, visit Tradebit and search for the service manual you are looking for. I have purchased dozens of service manuals from Tradebit, often costing as little as $5! They are legit OEM service manuals!

So there you have it, an easy way to locate a FREE service manual download for your motorcycle. Please share this with your friends and help them save money also. Leave a comment and let me know what manual you were able to find.


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  • Bob Hornung

    Thanks for the info. will try your inf.

    • Matthew


      What service manual do you need? I might have it??

      • Joe Cacciatore

        Hello, I need a service manual for a 1990 Yamaha Virago 750 & any documents that may be available—Thanks so much

        • Matthew

          Joe, let me look around for that manual.

      • Tyrice

        severice manual 600gxrr 2002 and 1999

        • Matthew

          Tyrice, I have the 99′ 600 manual. I’ll upload it soon.

      • rod

        Need service repair manual for..
        xj750 Yamaha. ( 1983)

        Thank you

  • chris

    i need kawasaki eliminator 400 manual service

  • Dwayne

    Thanks for the video. I have been trying to get a service manual for a 1986 Yamaha Maxim X. I added filetype to my google search and it worked.

    • Matthew

      Nice! Got to love google!

  • augusto

    muy buena ayudagracias

  • troy

    where can i download a service manual of honda crf 250l?

    • Matthew

      Troy, I’ll look around. It seems hard to find 🙁

  • Patrick

    Hi, im looking for a repair manual for a jonway jw250 cruiser. Googled it but cant find anything.

    • Patrick

      cant even find it at local library. Our local motorcycle workshops are no help also.

      • Matthew

        Best bet is to join a forum with other Jonway owners. I don’t know much about this make.

    • Matthew

      I quickly searched as well. Does not seems readily available.

  • BelgradeSkinhead

    Nice, very nice….hallo from Serbia

    • Matthew

      Hi, welcome!

  • BelgradeSkinhead

    Hallo again,I can’t find service manual for Honda scooter X8r 50cc 2T 1999.year.Any idea?

    • Matthew

      I’ll do some searching.

  • Doug Thompson

    Looking for 76 Honda GL 1000 manual Changed from points to electronic ignition now it won`t start…Turns over and backfires..Dyna S …

    • Matthew

      Doug, let me see if I have that manual. If you are certain the firing order is correct, try advancing the timing. Engines will backfire when retarded.

  • jon doyle

    79 Honda z50r
    I just cannot find a service manual for my mini trail and I saw your video where you was doing top end a 50 and hoping you might could help me.

    • Matthew

      Search for my blog post titled “Honda CRF 50 – 88cc Big Bore Kit Install”. I’ve uploaded a manual in that post.

  • DougFudge

    Hi Matthew, I was wondering if you have a video of a top en rebuild on the KX250 you did the compression test on? I have the same bike and would like some visuals on disassembling the KIPS while taking the cylinder off. Thanks for a great site!

    • Matthew


      I’m not sure if I will be replacing my KX250 top end this winter or not. I’ll do another compression test and determine if it needs it. I only put 6hrs on it this year. I’ll definitely do a video on it when the time comes.

  • Jacob

    I cannot find a service manual for my Honda CB600F Hornet. (Year: 2010)
    I am also looking for a service manual for a BMW S1000rr, also impossible to find!
    Can anyone help me?

    • Matthew


      I quickly looked around and could not find either of those. Have you tried asking forum members?

  • Homero

    hello matthew,

    Im from Portugal, in Europe. I learn much about motorcycle maintenence with your vid´s…thanks a lot….
    Do you Have the service manual for the Honda Crf 450 X 2006?


    • Matthew

      Homero, I have the service manual for the R model here:

      Hope that helps!

      • Homero

        Thanks a lot….

        You don´t have any video about the start motor in the motocross bike??

        • Matthew

          Homero, I don’t have any specific vids on starters. Email me and I can help you out.

          • Homero

            Hello again,

            I have a Crf450x 2006, and i´m thinking do a bottom end rebuild thanks your vids…. i love them…please continue the job…. sorry about my english…one more question, the suspension and shock rebuid for motocross and enduro is the same, or have diferent specs?

          • Matthew

            Homero, both style bikes pretty much use the same forks & shocks with different spring rates and valving.

  • denis

    I tried all the ways you showed on your video to find a manual for an 81honda cb750c custom with no luck any other suggestions. thank you and nice videos.


    Hi all need cd 185 benly manual

    • Matthew


      I did a quick search and did not find anything.

  • Grant

    Thanks for help, found what i was looking for. Will check in on a regular basis as i have thousands of manuals downloaded and am willing to share with others as needed. Have also found alot of other sites for manauals so let me know where i can assist

    • Matthew


      I’ll send you an email regarding the manuals.

  • werner

    Hi I’m looking for wireing diagram or
    Workshop manual for a honda cb1000f
    Big one

    • Matthew


      I have the CBR1000F manual, not sure which years it covers. Would it help?

  • Kev

    Hey man I was wondering if you had a copy of the 2007 rmz 250 service manual I cant find it anywhere.

  • Kev

    Hey man I was wondering if you had a copy of the 2007 rmz 250 service manual. I cant find it anywhere.

  • Andre

    Does anyone have the service manual for Keeway TX 200 Have gone through hell trying get it and bike desperately needs valves adjusted but, need specs anyway please help

    • Matthew

      Andre, I did a quick search and came up with nothing.

  • derek gavin

    still trying to source a workshop manual for my new Honda Forza NSS300…Will get serviced through warranty period but like to understand things and will service myself after warranty
    any idea where I could source one?…it is a fairly new bike so maybe thats a problem…If I needed to go to Honda to purchase one where best to go|?

    • Matthew

      Derek, give the web some time and free or discounted manuals will turn up.

  • Dan

    Looking for 94 ktm 300 exc manual

    • Matthew

      Dan, all I was able to find is a 1999-2003 manual. Let me know if that would help.

  • Matt,

    I need to trouble shoot a shifting problem that is getting worse. I have 02 Kawasaski 1500, that used to drop out of 2nd into nutral one in a whild, now I have to skip it and jump into 3rd or high some times. I don’t think it even gets to 2nd even on the down shit. or do you have a good referrence?

    • Matthew


      I would suspect the shifting detent/pawl mechanism or the transmission. Unfortunately, I don’t have any good references on your model. Give me more info on the model, I might have a service manual for it.

  • jeffery

    can u get me a manual for a 1976 yz 175 and a 2005 yzf 250 thanx

  • Damn_Yankee

    Go to Google Play Store and search for the Manual Merlin app. It’s free. It gives you quick easy access to to manuals for all makes and models.