How-To: Find a FREE Service Manual

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Before you even consider repairing and maintaining your own motorcycle, get access to a service manual! You’ll be amazed on how much time you can save if you read the applicable section on the work you are about to perform beforehand. Also, you will need to know torque values, recommended fluids, maintenance schedule, etc.

Now, you could purchase a Clymer service manual from Amazon, or an OEM factory service manual which will cost way more.  In the video below, I’ll walk you through the process of locating a FREE service manual download. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not download any free service manuals. I prefer to purchase a hard copy. This video is for educational purposes only. Use at your own risk.



Resources used in the video:

  • Go to Google and simply type your “motorcycle model” followed by the words “service manual” (for example: “KLR 600 service manual“). You can also try to narrow search results by adding “filetype:pdf”, which only searches for .pdf format files. Most of the service manuals online will be in this format (for example “KLR 600 service manual filetype:pdf“).
  • If you have no luck from the first method, try searching This website searches Rapidshare and Hotfile, where someone may have uploaded a manual due to large file size. It will include the source and list a password if required.



Other great resources:

  • The following sites have some manuals:

Evan Fell Motorcycle Works

  •  You can also ask on forums pertaining to your model. Members are usually more than happy to help. Chances are the question “Does anyone have a service manual for……” has already been asked. To find a forum, type in “forum: motorcycle model” into google (for example: “forum: klr650”).
  •  Check your local library. I was amazed to find some manuals here!  Your library might have a website and online catalog. Check out


If all else fails…

If you can’t find the manual for FREE, visit Tradebit and search for the service manual you are looking for. I have purchased dozens of service manuals from Tradebit, often costing as little as $5! They are legit OEM service manuals!

So there you have it, an easy way to locate a FREE service manual download for your motorcycle. Please share this with your friends and help them save money also. Leave a comment and let me know what manual you were able to find.


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