How-To: CB550 CB500 CB400 CB350 Bottom End Rebuild

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Alright guys, here it is, the most requested video! This 4 hour long video walks you through complete disassembly and reassembly of your Honda CB bottom end.

Year, Make, Models Covered

The video 100% covers all CB550’s. The CB500 has a different trans and clutch setup, however I think this video will get you 90% of what you need. This video will also pertain to CB400 & CB350 models.


Full Length Video

You can buy the full length video below, or become a Patron at the $10 level and also get a T-shirt.


More Rebuild Videos

CB550/CB500 Top End Rebuild

CB350/CB400/CB500/CB550 Carburetor Rebuild Video


Part Restoration

This engine looked terrible when I bought it. After everything was disassembled, I degreased parts in my solvent tank,  and then soda blasted the cases and covers. The soda cleaned them up nice, however did not restore the finish. I decided to get the parts vapor blasted by Vapor-Shine in Naperville, IL. They came out looking brand new! And for the covers, I decided to polish them, so make sure to check out that video here.



OTC 8116 adapter to remove primary drive shaft

OTC slide hammer – you can also rent one for free from auto parts store

Vessel Megadora 980 Impacta P2x150 #2 JIS Impact Screwdriver

Vessel 125943 908 P3x150 JIS Impact Screwdriver

Super scraper

Titan razor

Tusk blind bearing puller

Map torch kit

Rotor puller

Milwaukee M18 Fuel ¼” impact – love this thing!

Threebond 1184 – case sealer

Pen magnet

IR thermometer – great for monitoring case temp

Proto horseshoe pliers – for trans clips

Loctite 242

Permatex assembly lube

Boa strap wrench

Tapered feeler gauges

Tube brushes – for cleaning oil passages

Engine paint – if you decide to paint instead



I bought OEM Honda parts from Rocky MTN ATV if they were available. Searching the part number on ebay helped out since there are NOS (new old stock) of some parts still available. Ebay was a great help for buying used parts as well. I must of placed a dozen orders on ebay since there were a lot of parts that needed replacing.

SOHC forum classified – I bought a bunch of used parts from members

EBC clutch friction discs

Cam chain

Primary drive chain

Athena P400210850529 Complete Gasket Kit

David Silver Spares – he had main bearings in stock

SS bolt kit


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