How-To: Install Dyna S Ignition, Coils, & Wires

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A popular upgrade for older bikes equipped with ignition points is to install an electronic ignition. Electronic ignitions are nice since it eliminates moving parts that wear out. Ignition points do wear over time and it turn, will change the ignition timing. This does not happen with electronic ignitions and you can truly “set it and forget it”.

Year, Make, Model

The bike used in this video is a 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000. I have a video on it here that gives a little more info on the build if you are interested.

The procedure is pretty much the same for all Jap inline 4’s.


Here is a list of tools used for this project. (These are aff links and support me at no cost to you)

Klein crimpers 1005 – these are awesome!

Klein strippers 1011 – handles 10-20 AWG and also useful around the house

Mastech digital multimeter – $25 multimeter that has been working great for 5+ years

Silicone spray

Spark plug wire crimper

Dielectric grease

Vessel Impacta P2 JIS screwdriver – I freakin’ love these screwdrivers

Vessel Impacta P3 JIS screwdriver – Did I say I love these screwdrivers?


Dyna S Ignition DS2-1 Kawasaki

Dyna S Ignition DS1-2 Honda – for you Honda guys

Dyna 5ohm coils

Dyna 3ohm coils

Dyna 8mm plug wires DW-800


If this video has helped you out, comment below!


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