How-To: Remove Blind Bearings

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Some bearings can be really difficult to remove, especially those that are in a “blind” hole. Also, wheel bearings can be challenging since there is no ledge or lip to catch with a drift punch.

The blind bearing puller used in this video is a life saver. I should have bought it years ago! Now, there are several on the market, however I feel this Tusk brand comes with the most collets, which covers a wide range of bearing sizes.




I bought these tools on Amazon. If you choose to use these links, you are supporting me at NO cost to you.

Tusk blind bearing puller

IR thermometer –┬áIf you are “grilling” your cases, this is a nice tool to monitor case temp.


BBQ Those Cases

Before you go buy the blind bearing puller, try some heat to release the bearing. I’ve been using this method and can get 95% of the bearings out. Video below shows you how to do it properly.




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