How-To: Remove Motorcycle Carburetor Welch Plug

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The most important passage to clean during a carburetor rebuild may be hiding from you under a welch plug. The factory will install a hard to remove plug right above the fuel adjustment screw. I’m not sure of all the reasons why they install them, maybe to prevent people from tampering with the fuel/air mix due to EPA concerns.

motorcycle carburetor welch plug removal


Why Remove Them?

The fuel screw under the welch plug & the pilot jet meter fuel for the idle circuit. This is the first and most common passage to get gummed up, since it is the smallest orifice. Also, after the carbs are cleaned or rebuilt, you really need to adjust the fuel screw(s) to what your engine WANTS, not what the service manual calls for. The service manual may be a good starting point, however they are usually too lean (I’m talking about 4 stroke street motorcycles here). Better throttle response and performance can be achieved with proper pilot jet and fuel screw settings.


How-To: Tune Your Fuel Screws

Here is a video that explains fuel screw adjustment once your carbs are clean. See this post on pilot jet sizing.



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